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Futaba servos BLS 173 SVI

- Speed : 0.10/60° / 7.4V
- couple : 7.6kg / 7.4V
- weight : 28g
- voltage : 6.0V à 7.4V

With 300 mm  cord 

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High voltage digital servo


New 15 mm BLS-HV universal servo for gliders, power models and helicopters.

New: connecting lead plugs into the servo!



This unit generates the tremendous torque of 76 Ncm from a servo only 15 mm wide. The unit's linear response makes it perfect for use with flybarless systems. It is ideal for swashplate control of 500...600 size helicopters.

Its slim case also makes it a good choice as a powerful wing-mounted servo in large gliders.

Also an excellent choice for medium-sized power models and pylon racers, as it is very fast at 0.075 sec./45°.

Optimised cable deployment in the model thanks to the new connector system at the servo itself.

HV-S.BUS2 variant of the BLS153 low-volt servo.


Of course, all S.BUS servos can also be connected to conventional receivers with PWM modulation.

The servos can be addressed in various ways:

1. Via the S.BUS receiver

2. Using the compact SBC-1 programmer No. F1696

3. Using PC-Link software, for which the USB adapter CIU-2, No. F1405, is required.

4. At the S.BUS socket of the (T14SG, T18MZ) transmitter


In addition, all S.BUS servos are also programmable.

The following functions are selectable:

• S.BUS channel assignment

• Servo reverse

• Servo type, Normal - Retract

• Soft start, On / Off

• Mode select if signal fails, Hold or Free

• Smooth servo running, On / Off

• Servo position (servo tester)

• Servo centre offset +/- 300 µs (approx. 30 degrees)

• Servo transit speed, 0.39...9 seconds per 45 degrees

• Deadband

• Servo travel, left and right separately, approx. 50...175%

• Start-up power

 • Damping

• Holding power

• ID memory

Specifications :

Dimensions: 35.5 x 15 x 28.6 mm

Weight ca.: 28



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